Odeko to release first album via Gobstopper, Gobstopper to release first album via Odeko

Odeko to release first album via Gobstopper, Gobstopper to release first album via Odeko

Do you like speculative fiction?!?

Do you like MUSIC?!?

If you answered “YES” to both of those questions, then hoo-wee have we got an album for you! Please continue reading1!!

The album in question is Bath-based producer Odeka’s upcoming dystopian concept album, Rose Tinted Vision Implant, which is apparently set in a “post-Ballard, post-Gibson, post-Miéville alternate reality.” Its plot involves a protagonist who receives a high tech implant manufactured by some sort of future conglomerate/superpower; however, the implant turns out to be faulty, and the listener sonically observes the stages of its degradation, during which the device is overtaken by something called “the presence.” Heady stuff!

Not only is Rose Tinted Vision Implant Odeka’s debut full-length, but it will double as the debut full-length album that the UK label Gobstopper has ever released! As in: yes, you read that right; this baby’s gonna be the VERY FIRST LP Gobstopper’s gob-droppin’ on the world. It follows Odeko’s previous releases for the label, the A History with Samus EP and last year’s “Digital Botanics/Construct Conduct” 12-inch.

Rose Tinted Vision Implant is out April 13. Head here to pre-order the auspicious slab of vinyl now, and get yourself up to Okdeko-speed by listening to his Rinse FM podcast from last year down below:

Rose Tinted Vision Implant tracklisting:

01. Anomaly Detection
02. OpticRose.0.1\Installation
03. SodaJerk 3000
04. manthemirror
06. OpticRose.0.2\Recalibration
07. Designer Violence
08. Timeslides
09. Boîte Diabolique
10. Retrograde
11. OpticRose.0.3\SYNCERROR
12. Through The Smoke (Final Visit)
13. Deluge

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