Oh Montana! Matmos and So Percussion collaborate on new LP, Treasure State

Oh Montana! Matmos and So Percussion collaborate on new LP, Treasure State

I have never been to Montana, but if I went, I feel I would liken the state to a collaboration between a classical percussion quartet and an experimental electronic duo. The entirety of evidence that led me to this conclusion? Baltimore electro-duo Matmos and Brooklyn percussionists So Percussion have collaborated on a new record called Treasure State, which is what those totally “in the know” call Montana. The new, Montana-riffic LP will be out via Cantaloupe Music on July 8 for fancy futuristic digital download and July 13 for dusty ol’ fashioned physical media.

Now, if Matmos is from Baltimore (which is really not in Montana) and So Percussion is from Brooklyn (which is also really not in Montana), why’d they name this new record after Montana? Because that’s where they recorded it, you big dummy! The two groups met up at SnowGhost Studios in Whitefish, Montana to write and record the bulk of the album. These collaborations included a series of studies of music created through the use of elemental materials like ceramic planters, cactus needles, water pails, and beer cans. Basically, if you harbored any worry that this was in some way not going to be a Matmos record, that last sentence should have nipped that thought in the bud.

Treasure State tracklist:

01. Treasure
02. Water
03. Needles
04. Cross
05. Shard
06. Swamp
07. Aluminum
08. Flame

• Matmos: http://www.myspace.com/matmos1
• So Percussion: http://www.sopercussion.com
• Cantaloupe: http://www.cantaloupemusic.com

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