Oh Sees announce new crazy-huge box set of 8-track tapes, share track “Beat Quest”

Oh Sees announce new crazy-huge box set of 8-track tapes, share track "Beat Quest"
Photo: 5Seven Records

It feels weird to say “don’t look now!” about a band (sometimes) called Oh Sees…but…DON’T LOOK NOW!! OH SEES are about to fuck-up your holiday season budget with the announcement of brand new box set of 8-track tapes.

Thee Oh Sees: The 8-Track Collection will be a whopping “12-album collection” comprising a (modest) chunk of John Dwyer’s work from 2008-2018. Each tape offers “a different album from The Oh Sees, Oh Sees and OCS and includes a zine and extra goodies.”

Since I’m a lazy, LAZY guy, here’s the pre-hyped pitch, courtesy of “unpaid volunteer”-run independent label 5Seven Records, who are sponsoring the (extremely limited) release this coming Monday, November 25:

Only 100 hand numbered boxsets were made with only 60 going up for sale to the public. It took us well over a year to make these 100 sets, so this is the first and final edition of this massive boxset. Every 8-track cart in this collection was reconditioned by hand from 40+ year old cartridges and each album is on a specific color and hand numbered cartridge. No expense was spared making this limited boxset with original artwork by ELZO DURT, and which includes 130 songs and over 8 hours 21 minutes of music. The release includes a 36 page zine (with the making of the release, 8-track history, album information, band posters and more), a limited edition 5x7 photo signed by JPD, & some extra goodies (3-inch patch, stickers, buttons).

Got all that shit? Good.

Got $420 bucks?? Even GOOD-ER.

Then check out a remastered version of last year’s “Beat Quest” down below and head here to place your order today — or, hmmm…maybe to place both of our orders, huh pal? Pretty please???

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