Okkyung Lee plans residency at The Stone with guests including Laurie Anderson, Kim Gordon, Jenny Hval, Bill Nace, and tons of others

Okkyung Lee plans residency at The Stone with guests including Laurie Anderson, Kim Gordon, Jenny Hval, Bill Nace, and tons of others

As Brooklyn Vegan reports, Okkyung Lee, noise cellist extraordinaire who last year released Ghil on Ideologic Organ, is about to kick off a residency at John Zorn’s East Village “artist’s space” The Stone, which will run from May 6 through May 11. Lee will be joined by a whole array of guests and collaborators who I could very easily hyperlink to within the Tiny Mix Tapes archive, including C. Spencer Yeh, who just last year joined Lee on the collaborative album Wake Up Awesome. You know who else will be there? Jenny Hval. Marina Rosenfeld, too. Ches Smith will also be there, salty dog and drummer in Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog and Secret Chiefs 3 that he is. “This list is cool so far, but I was really hoping for more piano players.” Boom: Vijay Iyer will be there, too. “Well, okay, now that you seem to be taking requests, could we get a little Kim Gordon up in here?” I thought you’d never ask, of course! And how about I throw in a little Bill Nace for good measure — you do know he plays with Gordon in Body/Head, don’t you? And don’t forget, Chris Corsano will be creepin’ around as well!

“Wow, that list is getting a little unwieldy. Maybe you should insert a paragraph break.” Good call, imaginary voice. I’ve only got one person left I want to link to, though. “Let me guess, it’s Laurie Anderson.” Wow! Good call, that’s exactly who it is. “Wow, I really kind of feel like a dummy for not living in New York City right now so I can go see this. It looks pretty sweet.” Yeah, to be honest, I think we’re both pretty big dummies.

Golly that was a lot of links. But hey, imaginary voice, how about just one more? “Sounds good!” If you can’t catch Lee during her residency at The Stone, she’s also playing at Red Bull Music Academy’s Hardcore Activity in Progress event with Tim Hecker, Napalm Death, Wolf Eyes, and a bunch of others. “Do you ever feel weird that Red Bull, a major corporation, is sponsoring all these noise events when noise was…” Bored. Peters, out.

Residency schedule:

Tuesday, May 6
8:00 - Ches Smith and Okkyung Lee (premiere of Lee’s new compositions for cello and drums)
10:00 - Laurie Anderson and Okkyung Lee

Wednesday, May 7
8:00 - Ikue Mori, Vijay Iyer, and Okkyung Lee
10:00 - Kim Gordon and Okkyung Lee

Thursday, May 8
8:00 - Theo Bleckmann and Okkyung Lee
10:00 - Marina Rosenfeld and Okkyung Lee

Friday, May 9
8:00 - Perpetual Strangers (Liberty Ellman, Ches Smith, Tim Lüntzel, Okkyung Lee)
10:00 - Jenny Hval, Håvard Volden, and Okkyung Lee

Saturday, May 10
8:00 - C. Spencer Yeh and Okkyung Lee
10:00 - Chris Corsano, Bill Nace, and Okkyung Lee

Sunday, May 11
8:00 - Craig Taborn, Tyshawn Sorey, and Okkyung Lee
10:00 - Michelle Boulé and Okkyung Lee

• Okkyung Lee: http://okkyung.wordpress.com

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