Omaar aims to provoke a tingling feeling with his forthcoming EP Progressive Tribes on N.A.A.F.I

Omaar aims to provoke a tingling feeling with his forthcoming EP Progressive Tribes on N.A.A.F.I
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N.A.A.F.I, the rising Mexican label that shares a musical universe with the likes of Fade to Mind and NON WORLDWIDE, makes no bones about unabashedly embracing both Mexican culture and new musical styles from abroad. There’s certainly something exciting and eminently open-feeling about a label that respects the innovative regardless of national boundary, and N.A.A.F.I mainstay Omaar has taken that theory to heart with his previous tracks.

And conveniently, he’s STILL taking that theory to heart with his new EP Progressive Tribes, out November 17 on the aforementioned everywhere-looking label. The album is basically a collective rendition of that famed Oprah meme where everyone in the audience gets what they want in the form of unforeseen gifts. The gift recipients in this case are club-goers new and old, from Berlin to…well, Mexico City.

Omaar acknowledges the grime influence that otherwise permeates his DJ work, but there’s more to it than that: “… at first some tracks of the EP were going to be UK Garage or UK Funky, but I ended up transforming them into a kind of tribal house and progressive house, with softer bass lines so that the percussions that base the tracks could take center stage.” Clearly this a man with a deep working knowledge for the danceable sub-genres of today, and the title track definitely shows an appreciation for that wonderful tingling feeling of confluence. (And speaking of confluence, there’s an Ikonika remix on the EP as well, as you can tell by the tracklisting below.)

As we wait for November 17 to arrive, stay tuned for more info rom N.A.A.F.I — and for now, LOOK UNDER YOUR CHAIR! You just won a BALLIN’ PRIZE! It’s…a TITLE TRACK! And it’s streaming RIGHT HERE:

Progressive Tribes tracklisting:

01. Progressive Tribes
02. Reddem
03. Sonar
04. String Track
05. Progressive Tribes (Galtier Remix)
06. Reddem (Ikonika Remix)
07. Reddem (Lao & Zutzut Remix)
08. String Track (Noire Remix)

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