Omar-S is your hit-making papa, lines up new EP, Your Hit Making Papa, accordingly

Omar-S is your hit-making papa, lines up new EP, Your Hit Making Papa, accordingly
Two new tracks from one of techno's most vibrant voices.

~ Detroit Trivia: DID YOU KNOW? ~

• The idea for the bulletproof vest was invented in Detroit after a pizza guy was mugged at gunpoint.
• Detroit is the only mainland American city where you can face south and see Canada.
• A mail boat in the Detroit river functions as America’s only “floating” zip code.
• In 1984, there were a reported 810 fires in the city, all in the last three days of October.
• Saddam Hussein was given the key to Detroit by a Reverend in 1980.
• Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech was first spoken in Detroit’s Cabo Hall before it was immortalized in Washington, D.C.
• Detroit has the world’s biggest tire, which is 80 feet high and weighs a whopping 12 tons.

Aside from these curiosities, Detroit has also made a major contribution in the world of music as the birthplace of techno, which continues to influence the music landscape today.

Techno is pushed by a prolific abundance of musicians hailing from the Motor City. One of the recent torch-bearers is Omar S, who’s dropping Your Hit Making Papa December 15 via his imprint FXHE. The 2-tracker includes the sweaty mid-tempo groove of “Tap Dat Ass” and the more abstract crackle of “Odawa.” The release will also bookend the year for Omar S, who released the 4-track EP Hit It Bubba all the way back in January.

Listen to clips off the new EP over here and stream his recent RA podcast down below.

Your Hit Making Papa tracklisting:

01. Tap Dat Ass
02. Odawa

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