Omar Souleyman returns with new album Shlon; I’m considering getting remarried just to play it at the reception

Omar Souleyman returns with new album Shlon; I'm considering getting remarried just to play it at the reception

Omar Souleyman has a long and sweaty history with us slobs at Tiny Mix Tapes, but it’s been a minute since we heard from the legendary partyman. But now, the Syrian entertainer-extraordinaire is returning with a new album Shlon for the Mad Decent label — just in time for the tail-end of fall wedding season!

Shlon is the fourth international album (and, like, I don’t know, 600th release overall) by the erstwhile wedding singer and tireless Syrian refugee advocate, and it’s out November 22. What’s he been DOING for the past several years? Touring and partying and advocating HIS ASS OFF, that’s what.

On Shlon (which is Arabic for “how,” or literally “which color”), Souleyman “presents 6 new techno-meets-dabke songs of romance and love to the world […] superimposed on complex techno arrangements by Hasan Alo, and based on the hi-speed Kurdish and Arabic dabke and baladi styles.”

While you wait for the album to arrive, check out the closer “Layle” (which Souleyman describes as “singing poetry of a woman’s lips as sweet as Hillah’s dates”) down below (or anywhere you pick out your party jams), and start calling around NOW to book a party venue of your choice on November 22, before everyone else beats you to it.

Shlon tracklisting:

01. Shlon
02. Shi Tridin
03. Mawwal
04. Abou Zilif
05. 3tini 7obba
06. Layle

Omar Souleyman international dates:

10.18.19 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Life and Death x ADE at Thuishaven
10.26.19 - Marseille, France - Espace Julien
10.27.19 - Stockholm, Sweden - Fasching
11.22.19 - Stavanger, Norway - Folken - Storsalen
02.06.20 - London, UK - EartH (Evolution Arts Hackney)
02.07.20 - Cambridge, UK - The Junction

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