Oneida Keep It Cool with Hot Summer Tour

It's hot outside. Too hot for soup. Too hot for pants. Too hot to be sitting in a coffee shop where the staff is playing bad trustafarian hippie reggae and I am struggling to write a story about Oneida on my day off from my crappy, soul-sucking job. But you know what else is hot? Experimental, art-punk kinda jams from the 11-years-young Brooklyn powerhouse known as Oneida. And that is what I'm here to tell you about. Not how my legs are sticking to the coffee shop chair. Not about the ultratan, swaggering middle-aged dude in cut-off jean shorts and no shirt, who's currently obstructing my view through the coffee shop window. No, this is about Oneida.

Oneida has a slew of summertime dates on the way, and you can be there to experience the magic. They haven't put out a full-length since 2006's Happy New Year (TMT Review), but they've got a little something something on the way for you this August, coming out on Jagjaguwar. In the meantime, the band will be takin' it to the streets in cities across America, with a quick detour into Quebec. The New York shows promise to be extra special, as the band will be performing all their songs from the 2005 album The Wedding backed by a string quintet and with the assistance of a lightshow. A lightshow! Nothing says summer like a lightshow.

* Carla Bouzulich's Evangelista

** Dirty Faces

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