Oneohtrix Point Never announces The Station EP, exclusive 12-inch, more Myriad shows

Oneohtrix Point Never announces The Station EP, exclusive 12-inch, more Myriad shows
O(PN) SNAP! (Photo: Atiba Jefferson)

Imagine electronic music as old people music. In 50 or 100 years, oscillators and filters may very well have gone the way of the dodo in favor of Aural Mindmapping. But maybe the genre will persevere in a repertory form, sorta how some classical and jazz has today. Decades from now, the best concert halls will transform electronic performances into listening events dripping with intellect.

At Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Myriad” show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City, the future had arrived. The gorgeous venue mutated Lopatin’s bleak conceptual meisterwerke Age Of from a mere concert and into a sublime listening experience. Outside the ornate playbills, the show was a peek at electronic music’s potential. Let’s move toward these full-bodied happenings where we exhibit sounds as we display paintings — and there ain’t nothing wrong with keeping it smart.

If you thought you missed “Myriad,” fret not. Oneohtrix is taking the show global to some of the best cities on the globe (shout-outs to Tokyo, Paris, LA) this September and October.

AND on July 27, ‘Trix will be releasing a new EP called The Station, named after a familiar Age Of track and bundled with three unheard ones. This release coincides with an exclusive 12-inch called We’ll Take It, which features the same three new tracks plus a t-shirt bundle if you’re so inclined.

Among the songs is “Trance 1,” a ravey melancholic number reminiscent of Ital Tek or Burial. In other words, pretty Oneohtrix-y. Listen to and/or download “The Station” here, and look out for an accompanying video for “The Station” in the next few days, a song that began as a demo for Usher. (See? You learn something new every day.)

The Station (Digital/streaming) tracklisting:

01. The Station
02. Monody
03. Blow by Blow
04. Trance 1

We’ll Take It 12-inch tracklisting:

01. We’ll Take It
02. Monody
03. Blow by Blow
04. Trance 1

See “Myriad” live:

09.12.18 - Tokyo, Japan - O-East
09.24.18 - Paris, France - 104 Centquatre (Presented by Red Bull Music Festival Paris)
10.22.18 - Los Angeles, CA - Disney Concert Hall

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