Oneohtrix Point Never to premiere new “concertscape” myRiad in NY

Oneohtrix Point Never to premiere new "concertscape" myRiad in NY

Mark your calendars, fine-feathered readers. Oneohtrix Point Never has just announced a new project titled myRiad. Set to debut next year in New York, the work is being described as “a hyperstitial ‘concertscape’ imagined from the perspective of an alien intelligence.”

Since nothing truly exists without the legitimization that a press release provides, here’s more information, straight from the source:

Pulling from long-standing fascinations with film and television tropes, abstract sculpture, game ephemera, poetry, apocryphic histories, internet esoterica, and philosophies of being, myRiad generates a conceptual spectrum that is as much a speculation on the unthinkable future as it is an allegory for the current disquiet of a civilization out of balance with its environment. Oriented around behaviorally choreographed set pieces and lighting, the theatrical installation takes a directly formal approach to themes latent in his work by placing the audience inside the architecture of the music itself. Using the scale of the Wade Thompson Drill Hall to explore disorienting relationships between space and sound, myRiad mutates forms of live musical performance.

myRiad will premiere May 22-24 as a “four-part epochal song cycle” at New York’s Park Avenue Armory, presented by Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York 2018. More information, including the blockquote above, can be found here.

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