Oneohtrix Point Never shares trailer for MYRIAD ahead of Red Bull Music Festival NYC performance

Oneohtrix Point Never shares trailer for MYRIAD ahead of Red Bull Music Festival NYC performance
Still from MYRIAD trailer

Outside of scoring last year’s mesmerizing Good Time (our third favorite film of 2017), it feels like something close to “eternity” since we’ve heard some new Oneohtrix Point Never sounds. Before working on the aforementioned crime thriller (and winning a Cannes Award for it to boot), Lopatin last left us following the hypergrunge odyssey of Ezra and his extraterrestrial angst all the way back in 2015, with Garden of Delete. Out of anticipation, small Instagram hints here and there, and a little bit of incredulity that he actually won a fucking Cannes, I had to ask myself: how could he top all of that?

At long last, we get our answer in the form of an excellent little tease. The Red Bull Music Festival New York 2018, which will see the likes of John Maus and Fever Ray among others, will also be host to Oneohtrix Point Never and his latest audiovisual experience, MYRIAD. MYRIAD is being billed as “a multi-level, daring, immersive performance” taking place at the Park Avenue Armory on May 22 and 24. As if it wasn’t enough to hear what I imagine will be nothing short of cultural catharsis, the performance will be accompanied by the visuals of Daniel Swan and David Rudnick, along with the supremely talented/familiar tour partner Nate Boyce.

Ahead of the Red Bull Music Festival, OPN has premiered a trailer for MYRIAD, and it’s every bit as tantalizing as you’d expect. It bears repeating: we’ve been waiting far too long for some new Oneohtrix Point Never. Lucky for us, we get this trailer to hold us over, which you can watch below. Unfortunately, we all have to wait for at least a couple more months to experience the Age of Ecco and beyond, and at this point can only speculate on what new lore will be added to the Lopatin canon.

Want to experience MYRIAD in person? Tickets for the Red Bull Music Festival New York just went on sale. Catch our write-up for festival details, and snag a ticket for MYRIAD and others. I have a feeling that missing this event would be akin to missing a planetary alignment. Judging by this trailer? MYRIAD is liable to be more gnarly anyway.

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