oOoOO and Islamiq Grrrls team up to address the Faminine Mystique, out this May on Nihjgt Feelings

oOoOO and Islamiq Grrrls team up to address the Faminine Mystique, out this May on Nihjgt Feelings
Mmmm, that beguiling Faminine Mystique! Are you turned-on?

If quoting artist PR is gauche, then call me “The Gauche Gaucho,” because there is little I can say about the forthcoming and mouth-watering oOoOO and Islamiq Grrrls’ collaborative effort Faminine Mystique that the pre-issue missive doesn’t do more creatively. Due to a lack of space, let’s just say it contains the word-phrases “feminist juke-punk anthem,” “Milli Vanilli,” “well crafted guitar solos of 80s metal,” “Ashley’s Roachclip drum break,” “jazz guitarist Barney Kessel,” and (last but definitely not least) “a Kool DJ Red Alert radio show.” In other words: basically everything that is good and pure and awesome.

Faminine Mystique (“famine in mystique”) is a 13-track enchanter with a title inspired by constraint concepts gleaned from the contemporary women’s movement and its leading activist Betty Friedan, as applied to the music industry and its restrictions on growth and exploration. The CD, DL, and LP are out on May 18 through Chris Dexter Greenspan’s (oOoOO) own Nihjgt Feelings label and are available to pre-order now.

Two tracks have been teased so far and they are both smooth mind trips. The clipped oOoOO-led dream “Be on Through” can be heard below and is available as a free download via XLR8R here. You can also find the video for “All of Me” below, which is a noir mellow-drama dance of love, desire, betrayal, and fragmented reality, sung and stylistically shot by Islamiq Grrrls in partial reference to Federico Fellini’s Juliet of the Spirits and Henri-Georges Clouzot’s abandoned L’Enfer film project.


Faminine Mystique:

01. All of Me
02. Feeling Feelings
03. The Stranger
04. Be on Through
05. Jobim Goes Latenight
06. True Blue
07. Later On
08. You Don’t Love Me
09. Y’re Gonna Love Me
10. When Y’re All Alone
11. I Want to Be Alone
12. Yr Love
13. Ordinary Words

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