Open Frame festival celebrates 15 years of Room40 with Jim O’Rourke, William Basinski, Grouper, and more

Open Frame festival celebrates 15 years of Room40 with Jim O'Rourke, William Basinski, Grouper, and more

It’s the Third Multiple of Five (= 15[th]) anniversary for Lawrence English’s Room40 label, and while you might be inclined to warn against hasty attempts to get behind the wheel and house parties with a suspicious abundance of older guys wearing letterman jackets, the Australian imprint has something much more fulfilling in store for the obligatory celebration.

July 30 and 31 will mark the ninth edition of Room40’s Open Frame festival, which has historically been geared toward all sorts of crazy sights and sounds that you won’t typically find traversing the monotonously sunny streets of Brisbane or Sydney. Brisbane Powerhouse has been the reliable venue in years past, but this edition will be the first to take place at the renowned Carriageworks in Sydney, where the following artists will presumably do their part to justify the airy warehouse surroundings: Austin Buckett/Robbie Avenaim, Grouper/Paul Clipson, Chris Abrahams of Australian band The Necks, William Basinski, and Lawrence English himself.

Allow me to go on: Jim O’Rourke will be rejoining for the purposes of Diffusion, “a brand new electro-acoustic diffusion piece” commissioned specifically for Open Frame. And filmmaker/sound artist Makino Takashi will do more than just succumb to gimmicks propagated by TV manufacturers; his 3D audio/visual piece Space Noise looks positively… ugh, out of this world:

The clarification of a “second” announcement may suggest the possibility of more, so stay tuned. Aussies, expats, and tourists can purchase tickets here, regardless.

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