Orphan Fairytale spelunks the rabbit hole, emerges with double LP My Favorite Fairytale

Orphan Fairytale spelunks the rabbit hole, emerges with double LP My Favorite Fairytale

In retrospect, it’s like stumbling upon a trove of precious rubies whenever some newly released massive compilation serves as my initiation to an amazing artist. Reasons probably vary but my favorite, probably-not-realistic one to think about is characterized by frustration. Half a dozen minimally received limited-edition cassettes or EPs or CD-Rs lend to a buildup of emotion, or an indifference, until finally, the artist figuratively shouts “fuck it!” and we’re allowed to take it all (or a lot of it) in, courtesy of one single release. Listener enlightenment! And relief on the part of the artist as he/she gains a more notable following. Rifts did come to mind initially.

Remember those rubies in the simile above? Orphan Fairytale a.k.a. Eva Van Dueuren from Antwerp, Belgium, has those splayed out in the visual manifestation of her music, alongside a plethora of other glimmering objects. The music itself, or at least its production, shirks forceful intrusion in favor of lo-fi wonder, which may feel ominous or innocent, depending on the track and your impression. At Orphan Fairytale’s physical side lies an extension of her musical minimalism, as toy instruments, customized electronics, and keyboards not much larger than a petite abdomen comprise her tools for dream immersion.

The 2xLP My Favorite Fairytale, set for release February 1 on Aguirre, collects recordings made between 2008 and 2011. No need to stumble now. Here’s your preparation:

My Favorite Fairytale tracklisting:

01. Neverending Waves
02. Dragons of the Deep
03. Abracadabra
04. Hummingbirds

• Orphan Fairytale: https://www.facebook.com/OrphanFairytale
• Aguirre: http://www.aguirrecords.com

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