Ought’s Tim Darcy and AJ Cornell team on new album for NNA Tapes

Ought's Tim Darcy and AJ Cornell team on new album for NNA Tapes

Next month, NNA Tapes is releasing a unique project from two Montréal artists, seasoned improvisor Andrea-Jane Cornell and Ought’s guitarist/vocalist Tim Darcy. Titled Too Significant to Ignore, the 10-track album mixes patient, creeping drones and arrhythmic noise lurches with Darcy’s existential, repetitive faux-musings. The pairing makes for a disconcerting listen, the music suspended in cold loops and waves of noise, while Darcy’s spoken word punctuates the proceedings with a disconnected, alienated dread. It’s an oddly invigorating sound despite the content, and a welcomed curveball from NNA Tapes.

TMT has the pleasure of premiering the track “Cosmetic Sadness,” a clear album highlight. Check it out below, and look for Too Significant to Ignore on March 18.

Too Significant to Ignore tracklist:

01. Today, The Body (No More Bacteria)
02. Too Significant To Ignore (Big Black Bowl)
03. This Cafe (Is Not Anonymous Enough)
04. Cosmetic Sadness
05. Automatic Ecstasy
06. The Space Between Everything
07. Cinnamon!
08. Spit of the 1980’s (An Entire Afternoon)
09. There is a Door
10. Phosphene

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