Oval gets his OvalDNA all over you with upcoming release of CD/DVD combo on Shitkatapult

Oval gets his OvalDNA all over you with upcoming release of CD/DVD combo on Shitkatapult

After a 10-year hiatus from releasing new music, Markus Popp returned with his expansive double album O (TMT Review) in 2010; 2011 appears to be no less prolific for Popp’s Oval. FACT reports that Popp will release a CD/DVD combo called OvalDNA on November 25 on Shitkatapult that will make glitch fetishists cream their pants with excitement.

The CD will feature 13 rare Oval tracks spanning his 20-plus-year career as well as 12 previously unreleased tracks. The DVD will include an additional 10 songs, a music video for the track “Glass UFO,” and an Oval documentary. If that wasn’t enough, the whole package will also include a 20-page booklet assembled by Popp and Wire contributor David Toop, plus 2,000 AIFF sound files from the Oval vaults. Listeners are encouraged to use the source material as they choose.

Popp is calling the massive release an “open source manifesto.” Hopefully fans will take Popp’s “DNA” and create new songs from the genetic material used to produce Oval’s catalog thus far. Then maybe Oval will take those songs and remix them until a mutant race of unstoppable glitch monsters emerges. It could happen! Who does Popp think he is, God? Call your senators today and demand that these bizarre practices be outlawed before it’s too late! Or just support Oval’s ballsy move by snatching up a copy of the package next month and start making some music!

OvalDNA tracklist:

01. Quito

02. Kasino

03. Tweakk

04. Australasia

05. Credit Line

06. Mare Fax

07. Heroci

08. Octaeder 0.2

09. 70 kino
10. Alpen

11. Mersey

12. In + Love

13. Stealth

14. Gegenlese

15. Savvy

16. Eigentlichen 2.0
17. Doku_Drama

18. Breeno

19. I

20. Flageo

21. Whypunkt

22. Instantan 1+2
23. Pockyrocky

24. IV

25. Op

DVD Bonus Tracks:

01. Esigh

02. Excel M
03. II

04. I

05. Glass UFO

06. II(2)

07. Story Mode

08. Latvia

09. III

10. Inwending

• Oval: http://oval.bandcamp.com
• Shitkatapult: http://www.shitkatapult.com

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