Oval considers a timeshare in South America, releases new album Voa

Oval considers a timeshare in South America, releases new album Voa

A reason for Oval’s avoiding my auditory acquaintance may lie in the surname of the now principal figure behind the project; Markus Popp’s variation on glitch is paradoxically just too damn accessible! — at least relative to the equally German folks over at Raster-Noton, who regularly inspire security in one’s aspirations to be an imperturbable cyborg. Contrarily, even before Popp assumed control over the project, when Sebastian Oschatz and Frank Metzger both offered equal support, there was seemingly nothing overtly uncomfortable or dissonant about their output, the newness of both their sound and their production methods aside. “Do While” is, simplified, an ambient track. Calidostópia!, released earlier this year, was recorded in Brazil and features seven guest vocalists from South America. I mean, it’s cool if you’re into the whole “melody” thing, I guess…

In fact, it’s probably an imperative if you’re awaiting Oval’s next release, which is actually his now release, and which is more or less an extension of Calidostópia!. Voa carries over the vocal presence, as it’s comprised mostly of previously unreleased “A-selection” recordings, which took place concurrent with the sessions that led to the preceding album. There’s also brand-new Oval material, though presumably in short supply, because only two tracks among the 18 exceed three minutes. Samples of mere glitch ornamentation, as well as the option to purchase, here.

I like the cover. It makes me think of an abstract rendition of a senior Smurfette.

Voa tracklisting:

01. Drift (feat. Agustín Albrieu)
02. Stop Motion I (feat. Dandara)
03. -ada
04. Emocor (feat. Hana Kobayashi)
05. Mersey (feat. Aiace)
06. -dor
07. Hmmm (feat. Maité Gadea)
08. Credit Line (feat. Andrés Gualdrón)
09. -ejo
10. Heroic (feat. Dandara)
11. Oslo (feat. Hana Kobayashi)
12. -eza
13. Sediment (feat. Agustín Albrieu)
14. Flageo (feat. Aiace)
15. -ismo
16. Latvia (feat. Andrés Gualdrón)
17. Habitat (feat. Maité Gadea)
18. -oso

• Oval: http://markuspopp.me

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