P. Adrix deals with a known unknown; he’s releasing his debut EP on Príncipe later this month

P. Adrix deals with a known unknown; he's releasing his debut EP on Príncipe later this month

“Desconhecido” apparently means “unknown” in Portuguese, so it’s safe to assume that, ahead of P. Adrix’s debut release on the Libson-based Príncipe label, the Lisbon-raised producer is battling a wealth of anxieties about the future — beyond simply worrying where the S&P 500 might be at the end of 2018.

First, there’s the unknown-ness of his relatively new home in Manchester, UK, where he moved there three years ago after spending the previous 19 years in Portugal. And second, for just about any up-and-coming whiz kid in their 20s: What the hell am I doing? Is my stuff any good? Am I going to be able to do this full-time without a supplemental side-gig that actually allows me to pay bills and watch HBO programming like an unabashed member of the 1%? (I’m not sure what’s good these days, but GoT is coming back in 2019.)

In addition to the unknowns mentioned above, there’s also something inherent in his kuduro-inspired tunes that speaks to unease and uncertainty. Listen to the track “Zelda Shyt” below for an example this. The way the melody pitch-shifts over the course of the track is basically the equivalent of an animated character moving its eyes from side to side, on the verge of something. We’ll see if P. Adrix is on the verge himself!

Álbum Desconhecido is set to be released February 23. Pre-order it here — and check out the always-distinctive Príncipe-brand cover art, as well as the full EP tracklist, down below:

Álbum Desconhecido tracklisting:

01. Zelda Shyt
02. Bola de Cristal
03. 6.6.6
04. Estação de Queluz
05. Ovni
06. Abertura da Roda
07. Sonhos
08. Tejo
09. Viva La Raça
10. Tornado (digital bonus track)

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