Palmistry drops album-length Ascensión mix for free

Palmistry drops album-length Ascensión mix for free

Late last week, the producer/performer known as Palmistry dropped a fully formed release on an unsuspecting audience, and the internet is all the better for it. Ascensión is one of the largest bodies of music originating solely from the London-based producer (real name: Benjy Keating) so far. His previous works include production for Triad God and Dracula Lewis as well as a handful of solo singles, EPs, and mixtapes.

Ascensión was recorded over the entirety of 2014. It comes bearing the description of an “independent self release” that focuses on “synthesis over sampling, lilting conversations and expressions of language responding instinctively” to Keating’s social world. Stream the whole thing below via Palmistry’s SoundCloud or download straight from the source.

Ascensión tracklisting:

01. DROPdrip
02. Steal a x ft Jassy Grez
03. Sugar Plum Plum
04. Shut It D
05. Neoprene
06. Ascension
07. Pree
08. Wind Water
09. Dropped Call

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