PAN announces Mark Fell/Errorsmith 12-inch, t-shirt, and weekly radio show on NTS

PAN announces Mark Fell/Errorsmith 12-inch, t-shirt, and weekly radio show on NTS

Oh man, you know I love a good PAN product. Bill Kouligas produces catnip for guys like me — a vinyl lover, a music lover, a lover, a fighter. And now a t-shirt lover, because PAN has released its first t-shirt. I’ve always wanted to wear their record sleeves anyway. I think I’d look great in this: this, contoured as it were to my lithe form. But it’s good I can cover myself, even though I don’t think TMT would boot me for walking around in transparent PVC. Haha! Anyway, check out the shirt.

Now the real news here (not that that wasn’t “real”) is that PAN has a new record coming out on May 25. This one’s a collab between the prolific Mark Fell and the antonymously productive Erik Wiegand who is calling himself Errorsmith for the first time in 11 years. The record is a three-tracker titled Protogravity, and it follows the equally rhythmically exploratory 1 LP from ambient supergroup Lifted. You can order it through the label or Boomkat.

IN OTHER PAN NEWS, they’ve announced a new weekly radio show on NTS. Oh and good lord, they’ve repressed Lee Gamble’s seminal junglist recollection Diversions 1994-1996 in a newly opaque sleeve — discouraging for me. Bill, how ‘bout a Scythians rain-jacket at least? I wanna be a PAN man. And hey, they’ll be selling “new exclusive limited editions as well as out of print items” at Offprint Projects, an annual traveling art publishing fair, this year at London’s Tate Modern. They have a very cool, animated, e-book style website where you can peruse their list of vendors and check their hours. The fair starts today and lasts until May 25.

Well, well, if you haven’t spent all your money already, maybe you can save the rest for Vinyl Tuesday.

Stream Protogravity’s title-track below:

• Errorsmith:
• Mark Fell:
• PAN:

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