PAN announces more releases than you could possibly hope to carry in that little backpack of yours from Black Sites, Bass Clef, Valerio Tricoli, and more

PAN announces more releases than you could possibly hope to carry in that little backpack of yours from Black Sites, Bass Clef, Valerio Tricoli, and more

There’s so much news I have to cover in this post, I’m sweating already. Seriously: forehead, pits, the whole works (#sorrynotsorry). I mean, there are four EPs and a full-length coming out on PAN that I’ve got to tell you about — not to mention that toddler birthday party I have to plan — and I’m guessing you’ve got people to meet later because you’re so cool and popular, so I’m really feeling the time crunch. And I mean, the pressure is really on because at the rate PAN is putting cool new stuff out (there was Jar Moff, NHK’Koyxeи, Dalglish, and Heatsick all toward the end of last year and Helm’s The Hollow Organ already this year) I’m going to be working my poor news-writin’ fingers to the bone for the foreseeable future.

EP number one comes from that great little producer on whose name I always almost add an extra “f,” Bass Clef. It’ll be called Raven Yr Own Worl and it’s out February 17. Check out the straight bumpin’ opener “Self-Perpetuating Fun Loop” or over on PAN’s SoundCloud if you’re not suddenly afraid of your mouse and/or track pad for some reason. EP number two is a self-titled release from Beneath, the dark and shadowy producer who favors hoodies that make it so you can’t see his face over, you know, smiling for pictures, and it’s due out March 17. It’s his first release with PAN, and it follows releases spanning from Tectonic, Keysound, and No Symbols (his own label). Track two of the A-side, “Occupy,” is knocking at your door, ready to pour its grimy clatter all down the front of your shirt right here.

EP number three is from Black Sites, the collaborative project of Helena Hauff and F#X. Arriving on April 14, Unit 2669 follows last year’s Prototype (TMT Review) and continues Black Sites’ ongoing project of attempting to punch their techno thud straight through your brain and see what happens when it comes out the other side. Don’t believe me? Open your ears to hear. Big number four is from the Berlin-based producer M.E.S.H., who up until now has only an EP and remixes of Dan Bodan and Fatima Al Qadiri under their belt. There’s not a release date yet, and it seems to just be titled EP, but if the scratchy swirl of the track “Siren Server” on PAN’s SoundCloud is any indication, it’ll raise some eyebrows at that toddler birthday party I mentioned, but will otherwise be pretty sweet.

And last but not least, there’s the full-length! It’s a double LP planned for February 24 from Italian mastermind Valerio Tricoli. It’s Tricoli’s first solo release in six years, following collaborations with PAN’s own Bill Kouligas, and Thomas Ankersmit. According to Resident Advisor, the release pulls from a 2011 sound installation and features “a healthy dose of spoken word, including writings from Dante, excerpts from Ecclesiastes and text from Tricoli himself.” Check out the track “Le Qoheleth ✚” here.

Bass Clef - Raven Yr Own Worl tracklisting:

01. Self-Perpetuating Fun Loop
02. Fluorescent City Shining City
03. Euphoric Nihilism
04. Adventures Unventured, Tenderness Untendered

Beneath - Beneath tracklisting:

01. Bored 2
02. Occupy
03. One Blings
04. Stress 1

Black Sites - Unit 2669 tracklisting:

01. Unit 2669
02. Москва

M.E.S.H. - M.E.S.H. EP tracklisting:

01. Siren Server
02. Interdictor
03. Captivated
04. Imperialsewers
05. Glassel Finisher

Valerio Tricoli - Miseri Lares tracklisting:

01. La Distanza
02. Hic Labor Ille Domus Et Inextricabilis Error
03. Error
04. In The Eye of The Cyclone
05. Das Schräg Haus
06. Le Qoheleth ✚
07. Miseri Lares
08. In Your Ruins Is My Shelter

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