PAN label releases its first compilation album, mono no aware, continues to crush all the best music in the world into perfect circles

PAN label releases its first compilation album, mono no aware, continues to crush all the best music in the world into perfect circles

Hey. Quit your daydreaming!

Or, wait. Actually? Never mind: RESUME your daydreaming. But get ready to do it way better and more productively when the Berlin-based, “multi-disciplinary” PAN label releases its (first-ever!) ambient compilation.

The album, titled mono no aware, is intended by PAN to take listeners “through more traditional notions of what is called ‘ambient’” as well as farther-out into “wider variations that fall under the term.” In other words, it consists of 16 of the soon-to-be hottest, sexiest, anti-club, ambient-RAGERS by both upcoming and well-established PAN artists (including M.E.S.H, Helm, Yves Tumor, SKY H1, and tons more).

In more useful words, it’s out March 17, both as a sprawling and exquisite 2xLP set and as a “who-cares-how-big-or-pretty-it-is?” digital download. Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M and featuring the photography by Molly Matalon and design by Bill Kouligas, the LP will also see a very limited (100 copies, y’all) pre-release as a “special art edition” in collaboration with Mount Analog for the 2017’s LA Art Book Fair, which takes place February 23-26.

Oh yeah, and in case you were a little puzzled over the album’s title, don’t worry. The label has a fuck-ton of eloquent shit to say about that:

“Mono no aware,” ‘the pathos of things,’ also translates as “an empathy toward things,” or “a sensitivity to ephemera.” A term for the awareness of impermanence, or the transience of things. A meditation on mortality and life’s transience, ephemerality heightens the appreciation of beauty and sensitivity to their passing. In investigating the passing of time, the boundaries between memory and hallucination become blurred; between fiction and reality. The movement of time transforms into an eternal present.

There you go. Didn’t even know “ephemerality” was a word, did you?

No pre-order info exists just yet, but check out the comp’s full tracklist below. And since you’re here, check out Yves Tumor’s floating, hypnotic, and luminous-yet-earthy contribution, “Limerence” down below too, to get a little taste of how blissed-out, fantastic, and highly-productive all your daydreaming is about to become.

V/A - mono no aware tracklist:

01. Kareem Lotfy - Fr3sh
02. Malibu - Held
03. Yves Tumor - Limerence
04. HELM - Eliminator
05. ADR - Open Invitation
06. AYYA - Second Mistake
07. Flora Yin-Wong - Lugere
08. Mya Gomez - justforu
09. Bill Kouligas - VXOMEG
10. Jeff Witscher - ok, American Medium
11. TCF - C6 81 56 28 09 34 31 D2 F9 9C D6 BD 92 ED FC 6F 6C A9 D4 88 95 8C 53 B4 55 DF 38 C4 AB E7 72 13
12. James K feat. Eve Essex - Stretch Deep
13. SKY H1 - Huit
14. M.E.S.H. - Exasthrus (Pane)
15. Oli XL - Heretic
16. HVAD & Pan Daijing - Zhao Hua

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