PAN releases sound artist Stine Janvin’s latest album Fake Synthetic Music, shares video

PAN releases sound artist Stine Janvin's latest album Fake Synthetic Music, shares video

Music is a trick of irrationality. Patterns and code identified via contextual acuity in a framework of emotionality; human error.

Stine Janvin’s latest album (and his debut for the venerable PAN label) Fake Synthetic Music is audio designed with a schema of deprograming and of abusing such neural confusions. Reorientation down the pathways of spartan discipline; sensory formatting.

“The concept was created to present a full-body physical and ambient experience with the frequency range of her voice… Janvin works with the extensive flexibility of her instrument of the voice, and the ways in which it can be disconnected from its natural, human connotations.” See? Calculated.

Fake Synthetic Music releases digitally on PAN today (October 12) and on 2xLP in November. Order it here and watch a music video directed by Erik Ferguson (Rihanna, St. Vincent) below. Read the tracklisting down there, as well. In fact: do it all (and don’t stop) to engage in the bliss of the oblique.

Fake Synthetic Music tracklisting:

01. MOOD
03. LIPS
04. Like Right Now
05. Like Last Night
06. Tripple A
07. Portamento
08. Lean In
09. Zen Garden

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