Panda Bear shares video for one-off single “playing the long game”

Panda Bear shares video for one-off single "playing the long game"

Noah Lennox, the funniest member of Animal Collective, or so I would imagine, has a new Panda Bear single ready to rock your socks off. Maybe it won’t “rock” so much, but you get the idea, right? One-off single “playing the long game” is available today as audio for your ears and as a video for your eyes. The single is described as continuing “the collaboration between Lennox and producer Rusty Santos” featured on the most recent P. Bear album, February’s Buoys, which includes “hyper-modern production and an undercurrent of speaker-limit-pushing sub-bass low-end.”

From Panda Bear:

We had a good time making this video across the river. Thanks to everyone involved to make it happen. The song is about a brief series of thoughts I had one morning about who I am, what I’m doing, and where I’m going. Hope you enjoy it and hope all’s well.

Check out the Fernanda Pereira-directed video for “playing the long game” below, and head here to stream the single via your favored service. Just make sure your speakers are ready for that limit-pushing sub-bass low-end, fam.

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