Parlophone resurrects the “golden years,” announces release of three new Bowie albums for Record Store Day 2018

Parlophone resurrects the "golden years," announces release of three new Bowie albums for Record Store Day 2018

Alright, Bowie fans. It’s time to start Dancing in the Street again — word from Record Store Day 2018 (which, by the way, is our 2nd favorite “Day” of the year behind Punch Your Neighbor Day), is that Mr. Stardust himself will be dropping (posthumously, of course) no fewer than three new limited edition vinyls — one of which is a never-before-released promotional LP from 1977.

That’s right, Parlophone just announced the other day that Welcome to the Blackout (Live London ‘78), Let’s Dance (Full-Length Demo), and Bowie Now will all be available to the universe (including the Spiders from Mars) come April 21.

Welcome to the Blackout is a live 3x LP set that was recorded during the 1978 ISOLAR II tour at Earl’s Court London, while Let’s Dance features a first vinyl pressing of the hit 1983 single’s full-length demo, previously released for the first time ever earlier this year (January 8, Bowie’s birthday), albeit in digital-only format.

And finally, the Bowie Now LP will be the first-ever commercial release of a 1977 U.S.-promo, which included remastered tracks from the Low and Heroes albums by legendary producer Tony Visconti. It will be pressed on a spectacularly Bowie-esque white vinyl, and will include a newly designed inner sleeve and rare images of Ziggy himself from a 1977 Berlin tour.

You can check out the official RSD 2018 link to see if there’s a participating record store location near you, but be advised that Parlophone is only producing limited pressings of the albums, so availability may or may not be — forgive us in advance, please — a bit of a “pressing” issue.

Welcome the the Blackout (Live London ‘78) tracklisting:

Side 1
01. Warszawa
02. “Heroes”
03. What In The World

Side 2
01. Be My Wife
02. The Jean Genie
03. Blackout
04. Sense Of Doubt

Side 3
01. Speed Of Life
02. Sound And Vision
03. Breaking Glass
04. Fame
05. Beauty And The Beast

Side 4
01. Five Years
02. Soul Love
03. Star
04. Hang On To Yourself
05. Ziggy Stardust
06. Suffragette City

Side 5
01. Art Decade
02. Alabama Song
03. Station To Station

Side 6
01. TVC 15
02. Stay
03. Rebel Rebel

Let’s Dance (Full-Length Demo) (12-inch Single) tracklisting:

Side A
Let’s Dance (Full-length demo) (7:34)

Side B
Let’s Dance (Live)

Bowie Now white vinyl LP tracklisting:

Side 1
01. V-2 Schneider
02. Always Crashing In The Same Car
03. Sons Of The Silent Age
04. Breaking Glass
05. Neuköln

Side 2
01. Speed Of Life
02. Joe The Lion
03. What In The World
04. Blackout
05. Weeping Wall
06. The Secret Life Of Arabia

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