Pas/Cal To Release New EP, LP May Beat Chinese Democracy and Loveless Follow-Up To Finish Line

Detroit's own masters of romance Pas/Cal could be considered originators in some respect. Sure, their music is catchy, recasting many of the most beautiful moments of the last 40 or so years of rock and pop music in a modern context, but this is not what I am referring to. Before it became the current rage for groups — like Voxtrot or Cold War Kids — to release a bunch of EPs prior to putting out a debut LP, Pas/Cal were doing it. And like those aforementioned groups, Pas/Cal's releases made many who heard them wish they would put out a full-length sooner rather than approximately three years later.

Since forming in 2000, the band has put out two EPs, 2003's The Handbag Memoirs and 2004's Oh Honey, We're Ridiculous, both on the Le Grand Magistery label. They have been promising since 2004 that their debut long-player was forthcoming. Now it seems this may finally be true. Le Grand Magistery have announced that the LP will be coming in early 2007.

On the band's recording blog for the album, they say more specifically that the record will be out in January 2007. The band's site also reveals a few details regarding the LP, mostly just the tracklist and that the record will be called Citizen's Army Uniform (this group definitely keeps things close to their stylishly be-vested chests). Two songs will be reprised on CAU from the first two EPs, "What Happened To The Sands" and "Poor Maude." To tide you over until CAU's appearance, the band are releasing a third EP in November. The five-song release, entitled Dear Sir, will also come out on LGM.

Citizen's Army Uniform tracklist:

1. The Truth Behind All The Vogues She Sold
2. Citizen's Army Uniform
3. O Honey, We're Ridiculous
4. We Made Our Way, We Amtrakked
5. Dearest Bernard Living
6. What Happened To The Sands
7. Poor Maude
8. The Glorious Ballad of the Ignored
9. Summer Is Almost Here
10. Suite Cherry
11. You Were Too Old For Me

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