Passion Pit passionately announce new album from the bottom of a bottomless pit of passion fruit pits, if they have those

Passion Pit passionately announce new album from the bottom of a bottomless pit of passion fruit pits, if they have those

The thing about “passion” is that exercising it is totally cool and everything (I mean, I think we all want to have dizzying sex with crazily-tattooed people and flip out at works of art that seem boring to our accountant friends and trash-talk Ayn Rand at parties and weep at Monsters Inc. from time to time). But, just like having dizzying sex with crazily-tattooed people, too much passion can be really annoying. Everything in moderation, right? So, instead of being all jazzed about the new Passion Pit album for you in accord with how pumped-up and anthemic and heart-of-sleeve and, well, “passionate” all that dude’s dance pop music always is; I’m going to cut the fat with some flat, disinterested facts. You’re welcome, motherfuckers. And no, in no way is this a cheap cover for how uncreative I’m feeling today. So shut up.

Passion Pit’s new record (yeah, okay, the follow-up to 2009’s Manners or whatever; like, whatever) is called Gossamer. Pretty wussy sounding title. But then again, so is “manners.” Oh well, whatever. Odds are it’ll be poppy. It’ll be dance-y. It’ll be cool. I feel nothing inside. Maybe I’ll eat a piece of toast. It’s out July 24 on Columbia. They’ll also tour in support of the album. Touring sounds difficult. But playing shows sounds interesting. That’s a weird dichotomy. But I’m over it. Anyway, yeah: July 24. Passion Pit. Gossamer. So bored right now; I think I’ll eat some cat shit. That sounds more exciting than toast. But then again, I don’t know.


05.01.12 - Geneva, NY - Smith Opera House
05.04.12 - West Palm Beach, FL - SunFest
06.02.12 - Dallas, TX - Meltdown Music Festival
06.22.12 - Boston, MA - Bank of America Pavilion
06.23.12 - New York, NY - The Governors Ball Music Festical
07.15.12 - Cincinnati, OH - Bunbury Music Festival
07.20.12 - Dover, DE - Firefly Music Festival
08.03.12 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza
08.05.12 - Montreal, QC - Osheaga Music Festival
08.07.12 - Morrison, CO - Red Rocks #
08.10.12 - San Francisco, CA - Outside Lands Music Festival
08.18.12 - Tokyo, Japan - Summer Sonic
08.19.12 - Osaka, Japan - Summer Sonic
08.21.12 - Esplanade, Singapore - Esplanade Concert
08.24.12 - Reading, UK - Reading Festival
08.25.12 - Leeds, UK - Leeds Festival
09.09.12 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl *

* Hot Chip
# Justice

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