Paula Temple curates collaborative Decon/Recon #2, premieres opening track

Paula Temple curates collaborative Decon/Recon #2, premieres opening track

In this crazy year to come, we can probably use as many examples of how to mobilize the power of community toward good as we can get. Enter Decon/Recon #2, the next entry in storied DJ/producer/inventor Paula Temple’s series dedicated to hierarchy-toppling collaboration across electronic music disciplines.

The D/R concept is to have four artists throw in on a record, using each other’s sounds as source material; each artist creates a track from the group’s soundbank, and the record is credited to the quartet as a whole. The result is a set that feels tied together by a cohesive energy without being dominated by one voice — and it’s real, real good, too.

The squad assembled for record #2 is Gunver Ryberg, Aïsha Devi, Rrose and Temple herself, a dream team if there ever was. Today, we are excited to premiere the record’s opening track, simply known as “DR2-1.” Dive in and place your ego in the trash.

Decon/Recon #2 will be available January 27 from Noise Manifesto.

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