PC Music releases limited-edition vinyl versions of first two compilations

PC Music releases limited-edition vinyl versions of first two compilations

Cheap vinyl is not hard to come by these days — you can even pick some up at the local supermarket. But not all records work well for PC Music fans, so how do you avoid making a big mistake?

Plenty of PC Music fans have bought vinyl from high-street shops or via the internet at bargain prices, and have found they do the job well. Unfortunately, while many are getting away with buying cheap vinyl with good music on it, others aren’t, and it’s possible to end up with a record that suffers from having really shitty music on it.

This article examines the TOP 5 REASONS WHY VINYL-LOVING FANS OF PC MUSIC SHOULD PURCHASE PC MUSIC’S VOL 1 & VOL 2 COMPILATIONS ON VINYL. Your credit card will thank you for it, and your heart will explode! #LOL #beautiful

5. The comps are housed in a gatefold cover designed by Timothy Luke, including “super un-natural mirriboard with beautiful shiny quality image-light inversion”!

4. The comps have major star-power, including HUGE DANNY, GFOTY, and the special person below!

Photo: Hannah Diamond

3. Bonus songs not featured on the original comps include “Change,” “Drop FM,” “Snow Globe, “Pink and Blue,” “Doodle,” and “Ashes of Love”!

2. In total, Hannah Diamond has five solo tracks and many guest vocal appearances scattered throughout! <3

1. The set is available now, directly from PC Music!

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