Perc eschews the sweet, sour, and salty on new album Bitter Music for Perc Trax

Perc eschews the sweet, sour, and salty on new album Bitter Music for Perc Trax

When your business kinda sorta mostly consists of shock-and-awing listeners into convulsive fits of ecstatic-yet-non-religious revelation via the strategic deployment of visceral, grimy, drum-and-bass music like London’s Ali “Perc” Wells does, the damn last thing you need is NOT-COMPLETE “creative control.” Which is why, for his forthcoming third album Bitter Music (as with 2014’s transcendent The Power And The Glory), Wells is keeping his head down and doin’ his thing for his own label, Perc Trax. No sexy distractions. No incorrigible reporters. No briefcases full of cash and super-spy espionage. Just a solitary recording studio and SpaghettiOs for dinner every night.

“Originally a very inward looking album” until “the extensive political change in the UK and around the world forced the album to widen its perspective,” this latest product of Wells’s personal-cum-universal techno-vision is set to arrive April 28 as a double-vinyl, CD, and digital release. And despite being even more “dance-floor based” than its predecessors, the new album also displays a sonic palette that has widened to include live instrumentation (piano and flute, as well as a vocal collaboration with experimental artist Gazelle Twin) alongside the sounds of “early electro-acoustic experimentation.” Check out the full tracklist, as well as last year’s collaboration between Perc and Randomer, down below to help get your whistle wet.

Bitter Music tracklist:

01. Exit
02. Unelected
03. Wax Apple
04. Chatter
05. I Just Can’t Win
06. The Thought That Counts
07. Spit
08. Rat Run
09. Look What Your Love Has Done To Me
10. After Ball

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