Soup’s on with Black Truffle: Phew + Oren Ambarchi + Jim O’Rourke announce new collaborative LP Patience Soup

Soup's on with Black Truffle: Phew + Oren Ambarchi + Jim O'Rourke announce new collaborative LP Patience Soup
Phew live (photo: Bandcamp)

“Time flies,” they say? Pssssht. Not nearly fast enough.

The trio of Phew, Oren Ambarchi, and Jim O’Rourke are putting out an album together on March 29 — two whole WEEKS from now. What are we supposed to do until then?? Listen to other music?! Go about our daily lives?! Squeeze billiard balls in our fists?!?!

If you, like us, are feeling jittery with the adrenaline of anticipation (and so much coffee), you might try calming down with a bowl of patience soup…

Patience soup? Just kidding. Patience Soup—that’s the name of the album.

But hat label could be so lucky as to land this brilliant lineup??? Ambarchi’s Black Truffle (with distribution courtesy of Forced Exposure/Kompakt), naturally!

As for the pesky specifics: the album documents a live performance from the trio at the Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center on November 4, 2015 which found the trio “inhabiting an uneasy landscape of moans, howls, and smeared electronic sonorities.” And its sleeve features photos by Traianos Pakioufakis and Mike Kubeck and design by Stephen O’Malley.

For now, scope out the album’s cover art out down below, followed by the album’s epic tracklisting — then, head here to some hear samples and pre-order… If nothing else, that ought to eat up a few MEASLY seconds of this interminable wait-time, right?

Patience Soup tracklisting:

01. Patience Soup Part 1
02. Patience Soup Part 2

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