Phillip Glass and Talib Kweli Mashup for Article; Tour Separately

In my mind, there are two different groups of people: fans of American composer Phillip Glass and fans of politically minded, American rapper Talib Kweli. Perfect harmony would occur if these two separate entities were to tour the world and spread peace. However, the best we can do is to include the two in an article, in this writer's attempt to bring us all a little bit closer.

In a dark alley in NYC, a gang of thugs rise from the far right end of the thick fog, swinging chains and snapping their fingers in cadence with their boot stomping. Another gang of hoodlums appear on the opposite side. Their shadows creep from the shadows to dance over a fire near the center of the alley.

Glass Gang: Yo! You're in Philip Glass territory, fools!

Kweli Gang: Hey, this was Talib Kweli territory first. We owned this territory before Black Star with Mos Def.

Glass Gang: Bullshit! Two words: Candyman soundtrack! Suck it!!

Kweli Gang: You ain't serious. What about Einstein on the Beach and Metamorphosis?

Glass Gang: You've obviously never seen the cinematic masterpiece that is Candyman. You fools know nothing about Talib Kweli either. What about his bleak, but defining first solo record Quality, not to mention his powerful work with Madlib and Hi-Tek?

Kweli Gang: Wait! You really do like Talib Kweli! And remember earlier we mentioned Einstein on the Beach and Metamorphosis?

Glass Gang: Oh yeah, you guys must really understand the minimalism of Phillip Glass!

Before the orgy, the gangs made good times at Taco Bell and had ice cream afterwards. They hung out at a Glass gang member's flat (this gang member had a red bandana) and watched DVDs of Freaks & Geeks. It was during this time that the Glass gang mentioned Glass' newest opera Appomattox and his upcoming tour. The Kweli gang chimed in and added that Kweli's new album Ear Drum drops June 19 and that he's touring as well. The two gangs shook hands and agreed to make it to at least five shows of each. Then they had that aforementioned orgy with ex-American Gladiators Nitro, Steel, Elektra, Tower, Tank, Turbo, Lace, and Zap.

Talib Kweli tourdates:

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