Pioneer’s latest digital deck makes not being a DJ virtually impossible

Pioneer's latest digital deck makes not being a DJ virtually impossible

We all know that DJing is pretty much the greatest thing anyone can do with their spare time; however, lugging those bulky compact discs or, heaven forbid, vinyls along to clubs is such a chore, it almost makes me not want to DJ sometimes.

Thankfully, Pioneer (by name and nature) have made playing your favorite tunes to people simpler with their latest XDJ-1000 digital deck. The thing that XLR8R points out is so great about this equipment (apart from the groovy name) is that this digital deck is entirely digital: all you need to rock a party now is a USB stick and you’re off, or if your USB stick is stolen by thieving bandits on the way to the party, you can connect your phone via wi-fi and still raise the roof.

If you don’t believe me, you can be visually impressed by the promo video below and start saving your money because the XDJ-1000 is set to retail for about 1000 Euros, which is precisely the amount of money my friends pay me not to DJ at their parties, so I’m sorted.

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