Pitchfork.tv Programs Set to Premiere on Actual TV, Offer Solution to Vital Problem of How to Waste Time When Not at Work

Are you, like me, a member of the approximately 0.4% of western civilization who does not have internet at home? Has this been negatively affecting your social life? For example, are you having a hard time thinking of how to waste time at home without precious, precious online content? Do you find it difficult to launch into friendly conversations about online Pitchfork.tv programs -- such as "Interview," "Don't Look Down," "Daytripping," and "Juan's Basement" -- that I personally was unaware of until I started writing this story? If so, then fear not! Because Pitchfork and the Independent Film Channel are teaming up to bring you Pitchfork.tv -- tah dah -- on actual TV!

Starting August 24, you can catch all this and much much more as part of "Pitchfork Airwaves on IFC," a partnership between the two independently-minded entities that will bring you a block of programming related to the music website. Expect shorts taken from the programs mentioned in the previous paragraph, interspersed with the IFC's regular goings-on. How many shorts exactly? Ten. That's what it says on the website, so count ’em: ten. And of course, you can still catch this stuff online, if you are one of the many people I know and envy who actually does have the internet, both on IFC.com and on Pitchfork.

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