Pixies release iPhone “super-app”; Kim Deal learns what an iPhone is

Pixies release iPhone "super-app"; Kim Deal learns what an iPhone is

Although the Pixies have released a “super-app” for the iPhone and Android, that doesn’t mean that the Pixies themselves have any idea what those two devices actually are. Frank Black actually heard about the news via an email to his AOL email address. Meanwhile, Kim Deal is still trying to figure out how the internet can exist on a phone when it’s not hooked up to a modem.

They’ll have to face their technology fears someday though, especially if they want access to everything that comes with the free app, including free streaming of Pixies demo collection The Purple Tape, a free download of the group’s performance at Coachella 2004, and on-demand streaming of selected past shows, including an acoustic show from the Newport Folk Festival and a Manchester show from 1988. An in-depth tour archive featuring set lists, photos, and videos will also be included. Finally, you can complete your Pixies collection with a built-in store that will sell digital versions of the band’s albums. You’ve just received a payment, Frank!

• Pixies: http://www.thepixies.com

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