Plastic Response Records & Squiggle Dot Records team up for Mini-Coastal Village (A Compilation), premiere new track by Dang Olsen Dream Tape

Plastic Response Records & Squiggle Dot Records team up for Mini-Coastal Village (A Compilation), premiere new track by Dang Olsen Dream Tape
Image from the comp's double-sided postcard (Illustration: Syusaku Deguchi)

It’s easy to mock, but statistics can help us better understand the world around us. Here are some by way of example: 67% of the folk who willingly spend more than three minutes on this site per year subsist on a predominantly canned beef- and ramen-based diet. Another 25% wear slacks consisting of 70% polyester, 20% cotton, and 10% dried cranberry and tobacco juices. 0.4% regularly wear tunics; 0.005% don codpieces.

Hey, it is said you can prove anything with stats, but no fudging digits is required here. It is with 100% trust that Tiny Mix Tapes browsers are adventurous listening types who relish the opportunity to check out new forward-thinking experimental music. Plastic Response Records and Squiggle Dot Records will placate aural explorers when they co-release a collection of atmospheric mood-enhancing tracks on August 30 titled Mini-Coastal Village (A Compilation).

Containing the legal-age number of tracks (21), Mini-Coastal Village (A Compilation) has plenty to dive into, with lush rollers by the likes of Euglossine, Mukqs (ex-TMT writer), Ivy Meadows, Galen Tipton, and Ave Eva.

The comp also features the utterly underwaterworldly “Clamshells” by Dang Olsen Dream Tape (Just Roll TMT review), the video for which we are 100% proud to premiere for you down below! Put on your goggles and dive into this hypnotic electronic bubble and burst by Dang Wayne Olsen, accompanied by an aquatic life video loop by superb comics guy Jordan Speer.

Just the stats, man: Mini-Coastal Village (A Compilation) is released August 30 on Plastic Response Records (cassette) and Squiggle Dot Records (digital). The tape will include a jumbo sized, double-sided postcard featuring a mini-coastal village illustration by Syusaku Deguchi. This fall, a full length from Dang Olsen Dream Tape entitled Garden Hermit will be out on cassette and digital on Plastic Response.

Mini-Coastal Village (A Compilation) tracklist:

01. Of Curse - Grove
02. Dok-s Project - Dolphins
03. Neuronoa - 1-BIT DISNEY
04. Mukqs - High Light Pleroma
05. Galen Tipton-
06. The Person - Krabshak
07. TJ Sicilia - By the Docks
08. World Cup - Pure Luck
09. Kane Pour - Spring
10. Euglossine - Microscopic Bliss
11. Daddy Gingko - Avocado Dog
12. Magic From Space - New Berries Road Remix
13. Sunmoonstar - Caramel Turtle
14. Dang Olsen Dream Tape - Clamshells
15. E. Mezuxie - Wading from Here
16. Novelty Toys - )inthedark(
17. Tominaga - A Drifting Piano Surfing
18. Blacksunblackmoon - Carrabelle
19. Ave Eva - La Jetée
20. John Wright - Square Grouper
21. Ivy Meadows - Bubble Rising

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