PLUG Awards Accepting Nominations for Sexiest Music Website of the Year

My wife was the sound person at the Knitting Factory in New York. As a faithful spouse and happy concertgoer, I was happy to help out in whatever capacity I could — driving the bands around, making dinner after rehearsals, helping in arranging trips. There was a constantly changing staff with a certain core group of kids involved. One of them, a tall, slender girl named Plug had been our neighbor for nearly ten years, and she was always the best at booking shows.

Plug had always been one of my favorites, visiting and spending time in our home over the years. She was nearly 6' tall, with long blonde hair, very sensual lips, and a body kept in tone by years of dancing and athletics. Her breasts were small, about 34As, and her legs were long and well-muscled. She sang like an angel with a high, clear soprano voice.

Plug had, over the years, shown a tendency to give me big hugs, always with a comment like "TMT, you're my favorite," or "TMT, you're like a big cuddly bear." I would lean over and give her a kiss on top of her head and smile, never feeling very comfortable with it, but not wanting to hurt her feelings. I started avoiding being in situations where it might happen, and I never was alone with her, as that would violate the rules of the Knitting Factory.

One night at a Knitting Factory pool party, she wore a very skimpy bikini, really just a thong and two small pieces of fabric covering her nipples. I couldn't help but look and found myself paying attention to her. My wife didn't fail to notice either. "TMT, put your eyes back in your head. And what's that you've got going there?" she asked as she gave a little disapproving look at my crotch.

As the party wore down and we were about to leave, Plug came up to me, dripping wet, fresh from the pool. With a big hug, she said "Looks like I got accepted to Harvard. I'm going to miss you, TMT. Write to me, okay?" And she gave me her e-mail address. My wife broke up the hug with a comment that we had to go.

That night there was a strained silence followed by a comment that Plug should really be careful in school, since she took such liberties by 'throwing herself' at men. At bedtime, as we slid under the covers, my wife spooned up the me, then said "I saw you looking at her, you know. You be careful." A silent pause, then "But you did have the start of a nice hard-on there. You would have been very embarrassed if it had been her mother that saw your cock straining at your shorts." And she reached around behind her to cradle my cock in her hand as she drifted off to sleep.

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