Have you been feeling a little bit down lately?

Maybe it's the fact that the days are getting shorter and shorter, and your body is getting less and less of that precious vitamin D that it needs to keep your mind off of razoring yourself to death in your parents' bathroom. Maybe it's that your classes aren't as "blow off, dude" as your stoner roommate assured you they'd be last spring from behind his controller in between rounds of Super Smash Brothers. Or maybe it's just that you recently found out the hard way that the girl who you like that works over at the bank definitely doesn't respond well to being called "m'lady." Or maybe because that cute boy you had your eye on in HR doesn't like being grabbed there without permission.

Whatever the case, one thing's for sure: your life BLOWS right now.

But do you know who's life doesn't blow right now? I'll tell you: Tim DeLaughter's, as well as those of the entire robed, lobotomized, krazy-with-a-"k" crooning crew from Polyphonic Spree, that's who!

Don't believe me?

Well, fine then, Mr. Brightside. Let's just compare a few notes then, shall we?

- Tim DeLaughter and the Spree are beloved here at TMT for their sometimes-comedic, off-kilter, divinely inspired power pop gems.

- YOU are not.

- Tim and Co. have recently released their third LP, The Fragile Army, on TVT Records, to relatively wide critical acclaim. Our friends at Pitchfork Media called the new disc "an all-out orchestral and choral assault for optimism in a turbulent era," while Billboard declared, "This is one military exercise we can get behind without reservation."

- YOU recently released your own shaky-voiced podcast about your die-hard baseball team's pros and cons as they enter the MLB playoffs in a few weeks, and no one listened to it except for your step-dad, who doesn't work because he's on disability.

- The boys and girls of Polyphonic Spree have got a friend in Jesus.

- YOU've got a friend in Jesüs, your roommate's shady dealer.

- The Spree couldn't be surrounded by happier vibes at the moment, as they will be spending the coming months in the fun-loving, easy-going company of fellow sunshine-loving pop-tomists Rooney, as well as '60s pop connoisseurs The Redwalls, as the three bands combine their jolly forces on a full-fledged U.S. tour beginning mid-October of this year. Good times will abound as the bands sputter on down the road, traveling from town to town in state-of-the-art touring vehicles powered by candy, dimples, laughter, and self-esteem.

- YOU... well, you just have mid-terms in October...

Just look at what you'll never be a part of:

** Polyphonic Spree only

See what I mean? Don’t worry, I’ll hide the guns...

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