Ponytail Are Touring, Doing U.S. Mostly, Also Canada Sort of – The Tour Is Going To Be With High Places, Who Are Also a Band

Hi, my name is Papaya, and I am here to tell you about the band Ponytail, their upcoming tour, the ponytail hairstyle, and what touring is. Indeed, there's a band called Ponytail, but did you know that the "ponytail" is also a hairstyle worn by women and occasionally men? When executed correctly, it looks like the back of your head is actually a pony’s tail, which is where the hairstyle got its name! Anyway, touring is when bands perform their music in front of an audience, often in cities miles away from the group's hometown. Ponytail, the band, is going to do some of this "touring," which will be in part to promote its latest album put out on We Are Free Records. Not only that, but the album is named Ice Cream Spiritual (TMT Review), and the Ponytail musicians will have this item for sale at the very same places where they're playing these songs for their "tour." Tiny Mix Tapes supports songs -- it’s why we write about them!

If you like music, you should see this band -- but don’t expect there to be a lot of ponytail hairstyles there, because there might not be any!

Look at all of these:

* High Places

** DMBQ, The Homosexuals

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