Poppies announce Good EP, premiere new track “Dumb Advice”

Poppies announce Good EP, premiere new track "Dumb Advice"
Photo: Poppies (not pictured: poppies)

Poppies, Poppies, Poppies. Let’s see…what can I possibly tell you about Poppies? First, I’ll tell you that they’re not flowering plants. They’re a band. Like, a real FREAKIN’ b-a-n-d band. Y’know, as in: they arrange their guitar parts (tasteful ambient comping, rock solid power-chord foundations, countermelodies — all of that sort of shit is all over this stuff), and they also trade lead vocal duties, which is, like so “classic.” (If you don’t believe me, you can even listen to the song “Told” on their SoundCloud.)

Did you listen? Great. Now you totally get what I mean, right? Classic. This NYC-based foursome is all “tasteful” and shit! That’s what I mean when I say “a real band.”

And lucky us, we’re all about to bask in a spicy little first slice of Poppies (soon to be) world famous pizza pie right now. Yes! Right now, I’m serving up that slice. Right now! That slice is called “Dumb Advice,” and it’s off the band’s debut, Good EP. We’re all gonna see the rest of that pizza on June 9, when it’s finely crisped crust and tasty not-too-sweet-but-not-too-salty vegan cheese substitute will be celebrated with a show at The Glove and a short tour to-follow (delivery, baby!).

In the mean time, we have the pleasure of premiering the stream of “Dumb Advice” down below, Basically, it’s a soft-rock masterwork: it fades in and fades out and makes a small shift with the three minutes between; it feels good in its feeling bad, and it lands on a sharply polite, monosyllabic hook. Listen to its roundabout form (its dipping and turning melancholy melody, its unlikely-but-steady motion!), check out the band’s tour dates, and pre-order the whole EP over here.

Good EP tracklisting:

01. Devin
02. Dumb Advice
03. Dog Years
04. Sunburn
05. Dynamo

Poppies in the field:

06.09.17 - New York City, NY - The Glove
06.10.17 - Philadelphia, PA - Baird Mansion Atrium w / Harmony Tividad
06.11.17 - Baltimore, MD - Joe Squared
06.12.17 - Washington, DC - 453
06.13.17 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
06.14.17 - Pittsburgh, PA - House Show
06.15.17 - Florence, MA - 13th Floor Music Lounge
06.16.17 - Boston, MA - The ER
06.17.17 - Providence, RI - Watermyn Coop

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