Post-punk duo Mueran Humanos return with new album Miseress

Post-punk duo Mueran Humanos return with new album Miseress

The Berlin-based Argentine duo Mueran Humanos has announced a new album, Miseress, their first since 2011. Famous for their noisy mixture of minimal beats and dark wave-leaning synthwork, here Mueran Humanos hone their industrial inclinations by introducing guitars to their bass-synths-sampler setup for the first time, played by no less than Einstürzende Neubauten’s own guitar-manipulator Jochen Arbeit. Miseress, just their second long-format release, roughly follows the story of a woman going through pretty serious turmoil. Stream the album’s first cut below, which deals precisely with the struggles and redemption of the titular character.

Mueran Humanos was founded in 2006 by Carmen Burguess and Tomás Nochteff, conceived as a multiplatform project involving sound art, video, and installations. Both of them had spent several years heading post-punk acts in Buenos Aires: Mujercitas Terror, in Burguess’ case, and Dios in Nochteff’s, the latter being arguably the most original Argentine band of the 2000s. The dark eccentricity of the two groups merged in Mueran Humanos’ stark-but-heavy industrial sound. Their acclaimed self-titled debut quickly positioned the duo at the forefront of Latin American avant-garde music, thanks to a carefully developed aesthetic, gloomy lyrics, and a highly distinctive sound.

Mueran Humanos are currently signed to ATP’s record label and will play the festival’s Nightmare Before Christmas in the UK this year.

Miseress is out November 27 via ATP Recordings.

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