Powell offers music for your floor routine, announces debut full-length Sport on XL Recordings

Powell offers music for your floor routine, announces debut full-length Sport on XL Recordings

It wasn’t quite yesterday that Oscar Powell sent out a musical PSA warning the general public of exploding boils caused by relentless media consumption, and since you’re still around to read this, we can all be grateful that America’s presidential election coverage hasn’t led to blindness vis-à-vis endless streams of pus dripping down your face. The video for “Sylvester Stallone” coincided with the British producer’s first (and eponymous) release for XL Recordings early last year, and since the moment of his contractual signature with the well-established label, he’s shown no signs of tiring or mitigating his unique sound, despite his continuing to co-run the more recently-established Diagonal Records. Signing to XL was but one method of Powell expanding his audience, you see!

Sport is the name of his attention-deserving debut full-length, out October 14 on XL, and it follows several releases that have arguably ceded to Powell’s Club Music EP released in 2014. That album’s opening track “So We Went Electric” capped off the “Gym” portion of our 50 Favorite Songs from that year, and how congruent that the brand new video for “Frankie” (from Sport) contains a series of athletic references. Consider the current coincidence of the Rio Olympics as well, and I’m starting to think Powell might at least be on a serious hot yoga kick.

He’s touring North America right now. That is indeed Jonnine Standish of HTRK on vocals:

Sport tracklisting:

01. FiT_17
02. Fuck You, Oscar
03. Frankie (feat. Frankie)
04. Big Keith (‘Ok Ok’ Mix)
05. Skype
06. Junk
07. Jonny (feat. Jonny)
08. Beat 20_194r
09. Gettin’ Paid to Be Yourself (Al’s ‘Kick Ass’ Mix)
10. Do You Rotate? (feat. Dale Cornish)
11. Her Face
12. Gone a Bit Bendy (NTS Chatroom Version)
13. Plastic
14. Mad Love (feat. Loke Rahbek)

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