Prince Rama to puncture consciousness of the soul-mind in 13 drops of amber rain on new album Trust Now

Prince Rama to puncture consciousness of the soul-mind in 13 drops of amber rain on new album Trust Now

Out in distant space, two mystic symbols reside. Though they spin peacefully through infinite space, eventually the pair shall collide, marking the arrival of a new Prince Rama album and… you know what? Forget it. I’m embarrassing myself. While the members of Prince Rama were raised on a Hare Krishna commune in Florida, I was raised in the suburbs of Mississippi, perhaps the least psychedelic place in existence. That said, Prince Rama are in fact releasing a new record, Trust Now, through Paw Tracks on October 4.

Trust Now is the Brooklyn-based psych band’s fifth album overall and their second for Paw Tracks, following up last year’s Shadow Temple (TMT Review). The record also happens to be the group’s first without member Michael Collins, who has taken a hiatus from the band. For the new record, the remaining members of the group, sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson, took to a 19th century church with producer Scott Colburn, who has produced a ton of Sun City Girls records. Colburn has also done work for Animal Collective and Arcade Fire, but I think the Sun City Girls stuff is what’s really key here.

At this very moment, the members of Prince Rama are in the midst of their residency at Brooklyn’s Issue Project Room. Their work there involves using VHS workout music to soundtrack group exorcisms and somehow “re-staging apocalypses through chopped and screwed pop songs,” all in the service of exploring the link between music and utopia. On Thursday, they’ll play Montreal’s Suoni Per il Popolo fest, but that seems considerably minor league in the face of re-staging apocalypses.

Trust Now tracklisting:

01. Rest in Peace
02. Summer of Love
03. Trust
04. Portaling
05. Incarnation
06. Golden Silence

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