Prurient and Air Conditioning and FFH Collaborate on “Trampling the Meanness” Tour; John Mark Karr Arrested For Removing Dominick Fernow’s Shirt

Prurient, aka Fernow, who runs Hospital Productions, is teaming up with Allentown, PA's favorite battleship crash Air Conditioning and NYC's abbreviated F.F.H. (Richard Dunn, who did Vegas Martyrs with Fernow) for an annihilating collaborative set a little bit outta the Northeast and a sqweeny bit into the Midwest this week.

Air Conditioning are all systems puke, and it breaks my heart to say we overlooked their superior Weakness full-length in 2004. Oh, and we also overlooked Prurient's excellent Black Vase double LP last year. Uh... and we didn't even know about F.F.H.'s Silenced Whore cassette, but some people are all "blah blah rave rave it's like a bunch of scary" on it. So now that we aired that out — that we stink at covering these dudes — we just gotta come out and admit it: we hate noise. Long live Islands.

Islands Tourdates (WE WISH):

09.01.06 - Cincinnati, OH - Sudsy Malones @
09.02.06 - St. Louis, MO - Spooky Action Place
09.03.06 - Iowa City, IA - Hall Mall #
09.04.06 - Chicago, IL - Mister City $
09.05.06 - Detroit, MI - Behind the Green Door %
09.06.06 - Brooklyn, NY - 289 Kent Ave (btwn s1 and s2) ^

@ w/ Burning Star Core and Realicide
# w/ Scalpels, Binges and more
$ w/ Bloodyminded, Wilt, Its a Trap, and I Am the Liquor
% w/ Cleanse!!!
^ w/ Malkuth, Withdrawal Method

Oh, and by the way: Malkuth is definitely members of No-Neck Blues Band playing black metal. I wish I had more to say about it... but sand has already covered up my laptop screen. (That's right! I edit TMT while sitting on a beach drinkin' Corona listening to Return to the Sea!!!!)

Photo: Kunstencentrum

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