Psych pop auteur Art Feynman announces debut album Blast Off Through the Wicker, shares new track “Feeling Good About Feeling Good,” makes tautologies sound COOL

Psych pop auteur Art Feynman announces debut album Blast Off Through the Wicker, shares new track "Feeling Good About Feeling Good," makes tautologies sound COOL

Right about now, you’re probably staring purse-lipped at your screen and half-audibly mumbling something like: “But Dan! I’ve heard all there is to hear when it comes to the niche genre of solo-recorded, crunchy, hazy, four-track tape, bedroom psych! You can’t POSSIBLY show me anything new!”

Well, first of all: YOU’VE GOT A REAL ATTITUDE PROBLEM, ya JERK. No wonder your [insert loved-one here] abandoned you when you were [insert vulnerable age here]!

And second of all: you’re WRONG anyways! Because you haven’t been properly introduced to California-based musician/songwriter/producer/engineer/lover/fighter/possible-stunt pilot Art Feynman yet.

But conveniently for you…that’s about to change right now, because Feynman has just announced that his debut album of deliriously colorful, motorik- and afrobeat-indebted jam-rock is coming July 14 via Western Vinyl to change your pathetic worldview! (It’s okay. You don’t have to apologize.)

Feynman’s insular, analog masterpiece is entitled Blast Off Through the Wicker, and, per it’s title, it finds him “looking for life in the lifeless, questioning what it means to be living” with the kind of steady, disciplined deliberation that takes such potentially desperate associations as slinky krautrock, staccato funk, and pentatonic Nigerian Highlife and renders them as just a couple of your favorite crayons nestled-up cute next to one another in the same well-worn crayon box.

And right about NOW, you’re probably saying something like: “Okay, Dan! SHUT UP already, I GET IT; I’m INTRIGUED! Where can I sample it and/or purchase this goddamn thing if I’m so-inclined?

Fair enough. You can check out the album’s first taste — the exuberant, seven-minute “Feeling Good About Feeling Good” — down below and pre-order the album digitally from Feynman’s Bandcamp page or in variously-elaborate CD and LP configurations from Western Vinyl right now.

But I still say you gotta work on that attitude of yours, pal.

Blast Off Through the Wicker tracklisting:

01. Eternity in Pictures
02. Slow Down
03. Can’t Stand It
04. Feeling Good About Feeling Good 07:39
05. Two Minor
06. Win Win
07. Hot Night Jeremiah
08. I Rain You Thunder
09. Party Line
10. Small House Blues

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