Cup — a.k.a. New York’s loudest psych-punker(s) — announce new LP Jitter Visions on Aagoo Records

Cup — a.k.a. New York’s loudest psych-punker(s) — announce new LP Jitter Visions on Aagoo Records

Given his prolificity (not profligacy) within the seedy milieu of the garage-psych underworld, one would not be mistaken in describing the creative labors of New York’s Tom Wojcik — a.k.a the driving force behind Cup — as fruitful. He’s recorded no less than seven records over the course of the last few years, each one more distinct than the last in terms of discharging a proverbial body check of “fuzz-soaked punk riffs.” And now, with the recent announcement of Jitter Visions, set for release April 27 on Aagoo Records, you can make that eight records over the course of the last few years.

The ideological spawn of the new album, whose 15 tracks encompass all the “ebbs and flows of a fever dream,” apparently materialized when Wojcik got his hands on an analog synthesizer and started making “wild and odd” noises with it:

“The synth made these songs odder, darker, more menacing in some cases,” he says, “and in others it made them lighter, more airy, waggish - it made me happy, and it also made me angry.” (Happy and angry? Whoa. Talk about a wild, full-circle campaign through the uncut spectrum of human emotions!)

You can catch a glimpse (or dare we say a jittery vision) into the gadgetry of Cup’s neural mechanisms by checking out the album track “Cosmic Brain,” which is securely embedded down below for your eternal enjoyment. Also, be sure to navigate your way on over to Cup’s Bandcamp for additional “streaming capabilities” and super-dooper mutant (maybe?) pre-ordering abilities.

…Oh, and one last thing: if you find yourself in NYC on April 30 and feel like galvanizing a little angst in the form of raw punk energy, be sure to check out Cup’s album release show at Baby’s All Right, where they’ll be performing along with Darkwing, ESSi, and Sic Tic.

Jitter Visions tracklisting:

01. Runny Rummy
02. Magic Planet
03. Daydream Machine
04. Eye See
05. Gum Boy
06. Freddie’s Bounce
07. Liquid Grid
08. Caffeinated Lover
09. Cosmic Brain
10. Jitter Visions
11. Inverted Void
12. Spell Limbo
13. Time Attack!
14. It’s Calling For You
15. Wide Eyed

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