Psychic TV to reissue two albums on Sacred Bones and Dais Records, inadvertently ruining some of your underground cred

Psychic TV to reissue two albums on Sacred Bones and Dais Records, inadvertently ruining some of your underground cred
In the 21st century, PSYCHIC TV is finally "on-demand."

Listen: I know how you like all your favorite cult-status, psych-pop audiovisual performance troupes to STAY “cult-status” so that no one else can appreciate their bizarre, visceral, and provocative acid-punk experiments the way YOU DO and all, but…well, please try to be happy with this morning’s monumental announcement that Psychic TV’s legendary 1986 and 1988 albums — Pagan Day and Allegory & Self, respectively — are about to be reissued on vinyl and CD for the first time since their initial pressings. This is a GOOD THING!

But I guess if you’re looking for someone to blame for the sudden democratization of such an amazing cache of heretofore heavily guarded art-rock experimentation, the finger points squarely to Sacred Bones and Dais Records, whom have joined-forces to introduce these two freaky-deaky milestones in the long, juicy “underground” careers of Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson. Both PTV records will be available to a wider, under-initiated, and quite possibly less-cool-than-you public on LP/CD and digital iterations on July 14 (just in time for Bastille Day!).

And in addition to nice, new, 21st-century remastering jobs and the convenient listening format dissemination, the labels have also dug-up a special “Archival 1985 interview ” with P-Orridge (combo’ed with the official “Goldstar” video), which you (or, yeah, sorry to say: ANYONE, REALLY) can totally watch down below any old time you want.

Finally, everyone and their Snapchatting kid sister can also pre-order Pagan Day on CD/LP right here (and digitally right here), AND THEN they can order Allegory & Self on CD/LP right here (and digitally right here), all with the simple push of a pointer finger. It really couldn’t be easier.

Sigh. I know this is a serious blow to your ego as the “ultimate PTV fan.” But here, this’ll help you forget all about it:

Pagan Day tracklisting:

01. Cadaques
02. We Kiss
03. Opium
04. Cold Steel
05. L.A.
06. Iceland
07. Farewell (Bonus Track)
08. Translucent Carriages
09. Paris
10. Baby’s Gone Away
11. Alice
12. New Sexuality

Allegory & Self tracklisting:

01. Godstar
02. Just Like Arcadia
03. Southern Comfort
04. We Kiss
05. She Was Surprised
06. Caresse Song
07. Starlit Mire
08. Thee Dweller
09. Being Lost
10. Baby’s Gone Away
11. Ballet Disco

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