Public Image Ltd ask fans for help with photos/video for new documentary

Public Image Ltd ask fans for help with photos/video for new documentary

Ahh, the late-70s/early-80s. A simpler time. A time without Instagram, a time without shitty cellphone videos, a time that makes it sort of difficult for bands to assemble previously unreleased footage of themselves to throw together into a documentary feature about groundbreaking post-punk experimentalism. Such is the quandary in which Public Image Ltd now find themselves.

In recent years, the band has released a full-length, This Is PiL, and played a few shows. Now John Lydon and crew are hoping fans can help them look back to their earliest days, sending out a call for photos and video of early PiL on their website. “Do you have a photo souvenir of the infamous Ritz riot show? Do you have a picture with or without John showing your injuries after being hit by a flying object!” the website asks. Photographic and video evidence can be submitted to PiLarchive [at] Selected material will receive a shout-out in the documentary’s end credits, and a small possibility that Lydon will learn to love you even more than he loves butter.

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