Pure Ground announce new album Standard of Living on Chondritic Sound

Pure Ground announce new album Standard of Living on Chondritic Sound

Aw, man. I’m so tired right now that I thought this “Pure Ground” story coming in off the TMT newswire would be about coffee! Turns out it’s not about coffee at all. It’s about the dang L.A.-based electronic duo Pure Ground! Oh well… I guess I can just as well use a good old fashioned “soundtrack to a crumbling culture full of provisional one-two rhythms and syncopated bursts of white noise, complimented by grim arpeggiated melodies” to wake myself up, right? Right! Hey, sweet, I’m feeling more agitated already. Thanks, press release! Let’s DO THIS.

So, specifically: these Pure Ground fellas are releasing a new album on the Chondritic Sound label (and via Avant Records and Sleepless Records in some other country called “Europe,” where they seemingly dig tough electronic music just a little bit) and are, you know, subsequently touring it. It’s called Standard Of Living, and it’s a-comin’ at us June 23 on the eternally youthful and viable cassette and LP formats in the US, and on LP and CD formats in those other places. Hell yeah. Let’s keep it comin!

Oh yeah. In keeping with electronic music’s incessant focus on “computers” and “technology” and “microchips” and all that shit, you can currently check out some clips from the album on some “website” somewhere on the “internet,” as well as down below this paragraph through some sort of “embed coded wave file synthesis system” or some such nonsense. Heck, I don’t claim to UNDERSTAND the news I report to you, readers; I’m just here to barely not-plagiarize and regurgitate the largely important chunks of it! AND for the coffee. I’m also here for the coffee.

Standard of Living tracklisting:

01. Second Skin
02. Watch the Lines Grow
03. War in Every House
04. In Silence
05. l’Image
06. Poison
07. The Glory of Absence
08. Centuries in Gold
09. Tides

Pure Ground dates:

05.20.15 - Paris, France - La Mecanique Ondulatoire @ Topper
05.21.15 - Antwerp, Belgium - Die Kliene Hedonist
05.22.15 - Brussels, Belgium - Collectie Auquai
05.24.15 - Leipzig, Germany - Gothic Pogo Fest
05.27.15 - Lucerne, Switzerland - Klub Kegelbahn
05.28.15 - Saint Gallen, Switzerland- Grabenhalle
05.29.15 - Vignola, Italy - Club Ribalta
05.30.15 - Linz, Austria - Voyage Voyage
05.31.15 - Vienna, Austria- AU
06.01.15 - Zagreb, Croatia - Club Attack
06.02.15 - Subotica, Serbia - Studio 11
06.03.15 - Belgrade, Serbia - Drugstore (Neon Nacht)
06.04.15 - Brno, Czech Republic - Kabinet MUZ
06.05.15 - Prague, Czech Republic - Basement Bar (RARE)
06.06.15 - Berlin, Germany - Urban Spree (Death # Disco)

• Pure Ground: https://www.facebook.com/puregroundpureground
• Chondritic Sound: http://www.chondriticsound.com

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