Pushing A Brain Uphill Festival to feature Wolf Eyes, Unicorn Hard-On, Bromp Treb, multitudinous socially-conscious Vermonters

Pushing A Brain Uphill Festival to feature Wolf Eyes, Unicorn Hard-On, Bromp Treb, multitudinous socially-conscious Vermonters
Photo: Pushing A Brain Uphill Festival

“Pushing a brain uphill” isn’t (we assume) a rhetorical rendition of that famed Sisyphean activity; instead, it’s a reference to a relatively-new, not-for-profit, Burlington, Vermont-based music and arts festival which prides itself on working out the brain through performances from an array of mostly local experimental musicians.

Chances are, those not acquainted with the home of Bernie Sanders will most-readily associate the place with hippies and hippie-run ice cream companies. And, while the liberal stereotypes are probably more true than not, the founders of Pushing A Brain Uphill aren’t simply putting on a “free love” affair that only revels in its own artistry. On the contrary: the stated goal of the festival is bringing artists of queer, femme, and/or trans identity to the fore…which, we suppose, does make the festival in-keeping with the state’s social justice proclivities. But hey: what are you, not in favor of social justice or something?!?

The third edition of Pushing A Brain Uphill (a.k.a. PABU) is happening April 19-22 at S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, and in addition to local artists like Wren Kitz, Lydia Kern, OUZXKLYN, Jessie Owens, Danielle Tekut, Last World, Staples, Golden Poussett, Jen Gelineu, and Willie Gussin, it’ll be headlined each night by the likes of abstract turntablist Maria Chavez, Bromp Treb, Unicorn Hard-On, and Wolf Eyes.

Oh, and while they’re there, Wolf Eyes will also be hosting a “partial poetry slam” event dedicated to criminal justice reform. That would be in line with the band’s previous efforts at trying to make shit happen.

Here’s some more info (including the full lineup, ticket info, and a donations page), as well as a few related media hors d’oeuvres to help get your liberal juices a-flowing.

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